Pokemon Uranium’s Community is Still Going Strong

The fan-made game, Pokemon Uranium, was supposed to be one of the best fan-made Pokemon games in existence. But of course, Nintendo is quick to shut the game down probably because if the game is left to its devices, it would garner a lot of people towards it as opposed to the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Just after a few days of its release, the game was taken down from its downloads page because they got a few “takedown notices” from lawyers who represent Nintendo of America.

Despite the game being taken down; the Pokemon Uranium community is still growing strong despite the recent events.

In fact, one of the developers of the game said that they are going to continue releasing feature updates as time progresses.

One of the feature updates of the game is for the catching of the unique Nuclear Pokemon.

As the game currently stands, it is nearly impossible for you to catch all of the available nuclear Pokemon.

In the upcoming update, there will be included side quests that will help give you a catch this custom lineup of Pokemon.

Furthermore, the developers of the game ensure the public that those who have already downloaded the game will still continue to receive updates despite the game being removed from its official download page.

Now, the question in a lot of people’s minds is that why do the game developers keep on going to support the game despite being taken down?

According to a game developer, he said that they are still going to support the game because they found out that there are still over 1 million active players playing the game as of this time of writing.

That means that a lot of people are still enjoying the game and a lot of people have even downloaded the game since game one because cease and desist orders, at least on Nintendo’s side, is going to be inevitable.

I think that there two main reasons why the game is so popular right now. One, the game was offered free of charge and two, with the recent success of Pokemon Go, players want all of the things related to Pokemon in their possession.

Also, the possibility of the game being taken down by Nintendo is a real threat on the first day of its release, so a lot of gamers already downloaded the game beforehand.

Pokemon Uranium has achieved truly a wonderful feat. The game took 9 years of development and it was released entirely for free for the fans of the franchise to enjoy. In fact, over 1.5 million downloads were tallied before the game’s takedown.

Not only that but the community is growing stronger and stronger, with a lot of people sharing their own copies of the game to people who were not lucky to download the official copy.

Just remember that the unofficial copies of the game are not within the jurisdiction of the game developers, so download at your own risk.

Pokemon Uranium is going stronger and stronger by the day. Have you downloaded a copy of the game before it was taken down?