Signal booster

Wilson 311155 Wall-Mount Panel Antenna

The company, Wilson Electronics, have produced quite a number of really good mobile phone signal boosters. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their easy to install mobile phone signal boosters.

The Wilson 311155 Wall-Mount Panel Antenna is a mobile phone signal booster that is very, very easy to install. But before we delve to the installation, here are its technical specifications:

  • Frequency: 700/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
  • 700-800 MHz Gain: 5.2 dBi
  • 824-894 MHz Gain: 4.4 dBi
  • 880-960 MHz Gain: 4.2 dBi
  • 1710-1880 MHz Gain: 10.0 dBi
  • 1850-1990 MHz Gain: 10.6 dBi
  • 2110-2170 MHz Gain: 8.2 dBi
  • Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Radiation: Directional
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Connector: F-Female
  • Max Power: 50 watts
  • Beamwidth Horizontal Plane: 70°
  • Beamwidth Vertical Plane: 50° / 45°
  • Dimensions: 8.27 x 7.09 x 1.73 inches / 21 x 18 x 4.39 cm
  • Mount: Built-In

The 311155 uses a yagi-directional antenna to get signals. This is the preferred antenna to use when you are in really far places from your service provider’s cell tower. This is also perfect for fixed buildings such as homes and offices and it is also perfect for the RV.

It supports a wide variety of frequencies (700-2170 Mhz), but it only boosts 2G signals. This means that there will be no data connectivity boosts when using the 311155. Still, with an impressive frequency range boost, the 311155 is a solid mobile phone signal booster.

The 311155 comes with an F-Female connector which can also be used in conjunction with other 75 Ohm mobile phone signal boosters.

Installation is quite easy. What you need to do is get your cellphone and see where you can get at least a bar or two of signal. Next, mount the Wilson 311155 on the wall, making sure it has at least 6 feet of elevation. All the mounting brackets are already provided, so you do not have to buy any more in the market. And that is it. It should then power up and you should enjoy amplified cellphone signals in 3-5 minutes, tops.

So, with easy installation, how is the performance of the Wilson 311155? Let’s read some customer reviews:

Jim: “This is by far the easiest mobile phone signal booster to install on the market. I have tried other Wilson electronics amplifiers in my office, and they are quite cumbersome to get up and running. With the 311155, it is a different story. I just mount the signal booster on the wall where it can get signals, and voila, booster signals anywhere in the office! I am sure to buy another one for my house.”

Manuel: “I haven’t had any experience with mobile phone signal boosters, but my neighbor says that I had to go up to the rooftop to install an antenna. That is quite tricky and hard, and I don’t want to try it. Good thing, I came across this signal booster from Wilson Electronics, and man, was the installation super quick and easy!”

The Wilson Electronics 31555 mobile phone signal booster boosts 2G signals and it is very easy to install. This mobile phone signal booster only costs $55.