Unclouded Cloud Storage Manger App for Android

Cloud storage technology is a godsend. Since physical data drives or mobile phone storage dies without any hints, it is important that you backup your data regularly.

Thankfully, there are a lot of cloud storage services that you can enjoy. Some of the most prominent services are OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, just to name a few.

These are all great cloud storage services, but what if you use more than one of them at a time? What if you accidentally upload a particular file on all of these cloud storage services and that you only intended to upload this file to just one service?

Or, what if you find a lot of duplicates and you just put it off because it is time-consuming to log in to each of your Cloud storage subscriptions to eradicate duplicate files?

Cloud storage services are great, but they are far from perfect, especially when it comes to organizing your files.

Luckily, if you have an Android mobile phone, there is an exclusive app that allows you to manage all of your files from different cloud storage services all at once!

Introducing the Unclouded Cloud Storage Manger App for Android. This amazing Android mobile phone allows you to explore, analyze, manage, and clean your cloud storage services, all in one convenient hub!

This app offers a multitude of features. It allows you to see which files (among all of your cloud storage services) takes up so much space. This is to allow you to discern if you want a certain file deleted because of the file size or something to that extent.

You see, some cloud storage services only allow a certain storage limit (even if you’re a premium user). This app allows you to know which files to delete so you can save up storage space.

The Unclouded Cloud Storage Manger App for Android mobile phones also helps you know which category of files you have the most. For example, it will tell you the total file size of all your images, videos, documents, etc.

A unique feature of the Unclouded app is that it automatically searches for file duplicates. I use cloud storage services myself and I would never know any file duplicates until someone or something will tell me. This feature will help you save storage space even further.

This Android app also gives you information about which files have been changed or tampered and when it was used, etc. This helps you know if a certain document, for example, has been edited or changed.

Having multiple cloud storage services is pretty much okay. But, the major problem is that it will take you quite a while to search for specific files that you need. Luckily, the Unclouded Cloud Storage Manger App for Android mobile phones has a powerful search feature that allows you to locate specific files quickly and easily.

The Unclouded Cloud Storage Manger App for Android is free to use with a premium subscription scheme. If you’re a premium subscriber, more features would be unlocked and you will have a better customer support. This app is available in the Google Play Store.